The Nerve is an investigative news site that focuses on government waste, lack of transparency, conflicts of interest and abuse of power in South Carolina. 



Although a South Carolina Policy Council poll found that S.C. residents generally favor school choice, getting any significant changes done has always been a battle, whether in the Legislature or state courts.

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The liberal “environmental, social and governance” movement has come to South Carolina, bringing with it potential threats to individual borrowers and small businesses, as well as to the state pension plan.

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Judicial Secrecy

The third branch of government in South Carolina historically has been steeped in secrecy, ranging from judicial pay and perks to the way judges are elected.

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Property Rights 

 Local governments in South Carolina sometimes trample on property rights of individuals and businesses in pursuit of a supposedly greater “good.”

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Taxes And Spending

State and local politicians too often forget that extra tax dollars ultimately belong to taxpayers, showing little, if any, restraint with revenue windfalls.

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