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Mystery $1.8B task force advised by firm with Trump ties 2024 Jun
Governor's secret task force still mum on mysterious $1.8B 2024 Jun
The multibillion-dollar state surplus that keeps growing 2024 May
Secret meetings of governor's task force end run around state law? 2024 May
SCPC, SCPIF dispute Commerce's spin on Scout ethics complaint 2024 May
SC Policy Council, SC Public Interest Foundation file ethics complaint against Scout Motors 2024 Apr
Capped out: State law keeps qualified judicial candidates off the bench 2024 Apr
Unapproved nuke model part of SC 'clean electricity' plan 2024 Mar
Dozens of county magistrates still on bench past their terms 2024 Mar
Ex-lawmakers, others with legislative ties often shoo-ins for S.C. judicial seats 2024 Feb
Records: SC offered Scout Motors far sweeter deal compared to MS 2024 Feb
Scout Motors threatens legal action against The Nerve 2024 Jan
Bridge, road work in SC still moving slowly with gas-tax-hike money 2024 Jan
Happy Holidays, Y'all! 2023 Dec
What S.C. officials don't 'really, really' want you to know about incentives 2023 Dec
Supreme Court justice defends secretive disciplinary system 2023 Nov
Electric bus maker required to do less for taxpayer-backed incentives 2023 Nov
Hidden currents: How S.C. officials kept electric vehicle project secret 2023 Oct
Courting favor? Senator's cases before magistrates raise ethics questions 2023 Sep
S.C. senators maintain strong grip on local magistrates 2023 Sep
State agency surpluses total $4 billion to start fiscal '24 2023 Aug
Federal school-choice suit raises questions about future court, legislative actions 2023 Aug
S.C. counties spending above population growth, inflation 2023 Jul
Governor’s vetoes don’t touch hundreds of millions in earmark spending 2023 Jun
Under the hood: huge taxpayer tab, ESG mandates in Scout Motors deal 2023 Jun
House follows Senate in earmark money grab 2023 May
Senators feast on taxpayer-funded earmarks for pricey projects 2023 May
Policy Council advocating title insurance reform 2023 Apr
ESG battles heating up over state pension plan 2023 Apr
Sweeping transparency reforms proposed in House bill 2023 Feb
Senator plans bill to ban ESG factors in private loans, state pension 2023 Feb
S.C. Senate expands school choice options for parents 2023 Feb
Small business owner wins zoning battle, but legal issues still loom 2023 Jan
Lawmaker wants ESG factors banned in state pension investments 2023 Jan
House bill would protect short-term rentals in SC 2022 Dec
S.C. judges could get more raises under Senate bill 2022 Dec
Senior judges getting double-dipping perk; records secret 2022 Nov
Constitutional amendments to strengthen state reserves cruise to passage 2022 Nov
SCPC, ATR to hold statewide tour on ballot amendments 2022 Oct
Concealed court files reveal freebie judicial trips 2022 Oct
Zoned out: Why a small SC business might be forced to close 2022 Oct
Many SC voters favor bigger state reserves. Will they approve it this year? 2022 Aug
SC joins national battles over ESG power plays 2022 Aug
Scott pushes unspent covid funds for school choice options 2022 Aug
Short-term rental owners, managers worry about discrimination 2022 Jul
Property rights at center of battles over short-term rentals 2022 Jul
Voters back school choice bill. Can lawmakers get it across the finish line? 2022 Jun
Compromise bill reflects SCPC poll results on tax relief 2022 Jun
Feds pushing liberal investment schemes in local government, business sectors 2022 May
Critics fear ESG factors could diminish state pension investments 2022 May
Serious business: How ESG mandates can hurt small SC firms 2022 May
Officials warn ESG movement heading to SC amid ‘woke’ power play 2022 May
State law keeps judicial income hidden from public 2022 Mar
Judicial department releases staff salaries after legal pressure 2022 Mar
Lawmakers secretly nominate ex-legislator for judge’s seat 2022 Feb
Judicial panel hiding behind secrecy law 2022 Jan
Ex-House member top candidate for judgeship? 2022 Jan